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The selection of kids makeup and skincare at C’est Moi is specially formulated in Europe by biochemists. Cosmetics for children is made easy when you have access to our range of eye shadow and face makeup for children.

C’est Moi is born out of a Mother’s love and concern for her kids. Every parent wants their kid to have healthy skin, even when they need to use kids makeup. Keeping and maintaining a healthy skincare routine for your child keeps his or her skin clean and healthy, and teaches them the importance of skincare. However many parents don’t know that most over-the-counter cosmetics contain irritants that may cause break out or even develop a rash. This aspect of skincare is even more important if your child has allergies or sensitive skin. 

Kids skincare is totally different from the ones for grown-ups. Often, many parents find this out too late. This is why the range at C’est Moi is specially selected for your children. Giving them access to cosmetics that is made to suit their gentle skin is what our company is all about. Kids makeup that is easy to apply and easy to remove is what we are known for. Our extensive selection has the skincare products your child needs.

Many of our cosmetics products are used by some of the top dance academy events and dance competitions around the world. Our range of products includes eye shadow and eye makeup to face makeup that’s formulated specifically for children.

Whether your child is into performing arts, enrolled in a dance academy or needs face makeup for a special event, we have what you need. Our line of cosmetics for children has everything you need from foundation to skincare products. Our kids makeup is gentle and designed to cleanse off easily.

Children skincare is important and should start at an early age and one of the easiest ways to care for your child’s skin is to keep it clean, clear of any irritating contaminants. This issue becomes even more important as your child approaches adolescence, which is why it is important to set the foundation for good skincare habits for your child now.

Shop our wide range of cosmetics to experience the C’est Moi difference. We are confident you will love our professional range and how great your children will look and feel with our skincare products. With our kids professional skincare and performance makeup, and healthy skin care products, you won’t have to worry about your child’s skin as she blossoms into a young lady. Witness why we are confident and dare say C’est Moi is dedicated to kids makeup and skincare that are pure, safe and ideal for your kids confidence and needs.


“My daughter suffers from sensitive skin and a genetic skin condition. She is involved in musicals and dance. We have been looking for products for her to use that don’t irritate her skin that also allow her to portray the characters. Thank goodness we have found C’est Moi! It is light and non greasy and perfect for stage productions. It’s hard wearing too and doesn’t flake off like some other products. Knowing that it’s safe and kind for her sensitive skin is one less thing I have to worry about. She hasn’t had one reaction to it and has just completed a stage show with it being used daily for a number of days straight. Highly recommend to anyone with a child who lives for stage life!” –  Adele Vincer, Auckland

“Ashley has sensitive skin and we have been struggling with makeup. After each competition her eyes starts to itch and her skin breaks out after each competition. Ever since we found C’est Moi, she hasn’t had any allergies or breakout. We find the products gentle plus it looks great on stage. C’est Moi is definitely worth investing in for your skin. Thank you C’est Moi!” –  Jo Siketa, Victoria 

“Extremely happy with C’est Moi! Both of my daughters and I have been using it and our skin had not had any reactions. My daughter uses them for her solos and received comments about how lovely it looked and was asked what makeup she was using. Our favourites are the C’est Moi Moisture Sunscreen with SPF30+, Liquid Eyeliner, Jumbo Lipstick and Facial Mist”. – Penny Hannsen, Victoria

“We have been using Cest Moi products for over two years now. As the mother of two daughters involved in both calisthenics and dance, C’est Moi is perfect for my daughters. The array of colours available in the Cest Moi range is perfect for their many solo and troupe performances. The crayons are so easy to apply, even my 9 year old can use it. The skin care range is the perfect compliment to C’est Moi’s make up. No harsh chemicals, gentle on their skin and the make up is off in one gentle wipe. C’est Moi is the only skin care and make up product you’ll find in my daughter’s dance bags”. – Beth Grech, Victoria

“With Aya being a teenager and her skin starting to breakout, it was important that the products she uses are gentle on her skin. C’est Moi’s makeup and skincare products have been amazing for her and I can honestly say it has helped clear her skin. I can’t recommend it enough. My daughter does not own any other brand now. Thank you C’est Moi.” – Seba Dilaimi, Auckland

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“We want to cultivate good skin caring habits amongst kids early as prevention is better than cure. Kids deserve the best for their skin because, GOOD SKIN EQUATES TO CONFIDENCE. Protecting one’s skin is essentially important as it will stay with one, f o r e v e r ” - Jessica Tang, Founder – C’est Moi

Why Choose C’est Moi?

  • We have a complete range of Professional Skincare & Performance Makeup (of professional stage quality) specially formulated for kids aged 4 – 12
  • We use only high quality ingredients – fresh cells-formula
  • 97% of the ingredients used in our Professional Skincare line is of natural origin
  • 95% of the ingredients used in our Performance Makeup line is of natural origin
  • Our products are made in Canada, France, Italy and other parts of Europe and are certified in compliance with Australia, EU, FDA and ASEAN Cosmetic legislations
  • We are a kids company creating a skincare and makeup line for kids
  • We promote good habits by educating kids on the skin-caring process from young